School District Estimator

This page will allow you to calculate the estimated change in taxes from moving to a consolidated school district. Below will be an example of the few possible changes in school district with a property valued at $100,000. Also available is a search function to find out a more specific estimate of your own property. This page is used for estimation and does not include any School District Income Taxation.

From School District To School District Current Cost New Cost
Newbury Local Berkshire Newbury Local $1,425.93 $780.78
Newbury Local West Geauga Newbury Local $1,425.93 $896.32
Berkshire Local Berkshire Newbury Local $824.53 $780.78
West Geauga Local West Geauga Newbury Local $955.73 $896.32

Use the below search function to find your property and a more accurate estimation of your property's school levy information.

School District Form