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Geauga County GIS Department

The Geauga County GIS Department is not only an important component of the Auditor’s Office, but also to Geauga County. Many of our duties include developing and maintaining Geauga REALink. Other responsibilities include managing and providing digital data as well as producing customized maps for the public and other county organizations.

Use the tabs below to view information about the Geauga County GIS Department or to download Geauga County data. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions related to the Geauga County GIS Department.

What is GIS?

Geography plays a role in nearly every decision that is made today. From redrawing property boundaries and street centerlines to planning emergency routes and land use, geography is involved.

The most effective way to view geography is by using a Geographic Information System or GIS. To be precise, a GIS describes any information system that integrates stores, analyzes, shares, and displays geographic information. In a more generic sense, a GIS is a mapping technology that allows users to create and interact with a variety of maps and data sources. A GIS simply integrates databases with maps, creating visual displays that provide detailed information to the public.

GIS in Geauga County

Printable Maps

The lists below display maps that have been created by the Geauga County GIS Department. These maps can be downloaded and printed for public use. These maps are provided in PDF format and Adobe Acrobat may be needed to view them. Please visit Adobe’s website to download Acrobat.

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