The following are standard forms used by the Geauga County Auditor's Office. If you need any of the forms, click on its name or picture below and follow the directions for instructions for printing that form. Some forms must be brought to the Geauga County Auditor's Office for an official filing, some can be mailed. Please see instructions on each form. Printing the forms will save you a trip to the Auditor's Office to pick them up.

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Geauga County appraisers to be doing field work to prepare for 2017 reappraisal
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Announces the Release of - 2017 Aerial Images - These Images are Available in REALink the Auditor’s GIS Mapping System
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Geauga County has received the Auditor of State Award with Distinction given to those entities that file and annual CAFR and timely financial reports in accordance with GAAP, as well as receive a "clean" audit report.
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Ohio Senate approves bill to cut farm taxes - Senate Bill 36 (SB 36)
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Statement of Reason for Examption From Real Property Conveyance Fee - Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 319.202 and 319.54(G)(3)
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Economic State of Geauga County - 2012
Jon Husted, Secretary of State of Ohio greets residents at the Geauga County Fair with Auditor Gliha, Sharon Gingerich, County Recorder and Senator John Ecklund.
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Cutting Ohio farmers’ tax bills may hike what others pay
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Some Old Fashioned Ideas Never Go Out of Date!
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Senate Finance Committee Substitute House Bill 49 (HB 49) Testimony Ohio School Boards Association Buckeye Association of School Administrators Ohio Association of School Business Officials - June 15, 2017
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County Auditors Support Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans House Bill 85 (HB 85) would double their homestead exemption benefit in Ohio
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Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging - Geauga County Auditor Champions Senior Issue
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Tentative Scheduled Dates for the Geauga County Board of Revision Tax Year 2021 Pay 2022
Sample: Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property
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Tax Year 2018 Board of Revision (BOR) Minutes - Results
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Board Rules of Procedure
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Ohio's Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) and other Major Tax Law Changes - Ohio Budget Bill (Fiscal Years 2006-2007)
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The Farmland Preservation Act
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What is GIS?
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Reduce Taxes for Farm and Forestry
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A Tour of Your County Auditor's Office
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Rates of Taxation for Tax Year 2018 (2019 Collection)
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How to compute your rates of taxation for Tax Year 2018 (2019 Collection)
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How to compute your rates of taxation for Tax Year 2020 (2021 Collection)
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Levy Estimator / Tax Levy Calculator formula worksheet
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