Auditor History
Document information researched by Nicholas Switalski, Deputy Auditor Jared Spring, and Geauga County Archives.
Number Auditor Years Portrait
1st Edward Paine Jr. 1806 Edward Paine Jr.
2nd Orestes K. Hawley 1806-1807  
3rd Abraham Tappen 1807-1810  
4th Nehemiah King 1810-1811  
5th Jedediah Beard 1811-1818  
Ralph Cowles 1818-1821,
7th Eleaser Paine 1821-1827  
9th William Kerr 1835-1839  
11th William K. Williston 1845-1851  
12th Marsh Smith 1851-1857  
13th C.C. Fields 1857-1865  
14th Abram P. Tilden 1865-1873  
15th Milton L. Maynard 1873-1877  
16th William Howard 1878-1887  
17th Sylvester D. Hollenbeck 1887-1899  
18th Wallace W. Hall 1878-1909  
19th H.A. Cowles 1909-1913  
20th A.A. Fowlers 1913-1916  
21st H.E. Leachy 1917-1922  
22nd Ethel L. Thresher 1922-1949  
23rd Wilma Kronk 1950-1967  
24th Helen Frank 1968-1976  
25th Richard Makowski 1977-1994 Richard Makowski
26th Tracy Jemison 1995-2008 Tracy Jemison
27th Frank Gliha 2009-2018 Frank Gliha
28th Charles Walder 2018-Present Charles Walder
Auditor Fun Facts
1st Auditor - Edward Paine JR. (1806)
Son of General Edward Paine, native of New England. Family was considered the settlers of the old county of Geauga. Married Mary Phelps. Took up his residence in Chardon in 1812 where be continued to be until his death. First Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, which was a county seat in which is now Painesville. Issued the first ever marriage license to Isaac H. Phelps and Penelope Gregory on December 19th, 1805. Edward Paine was also known as Captain Paine in the War of 1812. He was considered to be one of the energetic, young citizens during the darkness of the War of 1812. Captain Paine received a good English education, considered to be approachable, general in-formation and mingled with all the leading men of his time.
7th Auditor - Eleazer Paine (1821-1827)
Pioneer of Geauga County, and a successful business man of Chardon. Died at the early age of 37, but had four children to leave his legacy to.
6th 8th 10th Auditor - Ralph Cowles (1827-1835)
One of the most accomplished business men that ever-held position in the County. His records are still looked on with admiration; for neatness and accuracy they have never been surpassed. Son of Asa Cowles.
9th Auditor - William Kerr (1835-1839)
Born in New Jersey, when he was still quite young he moved to Pennsylvania and then from there to Mentor, (present day in Lake county) in 1812. Then to Painesville in 1813. He was also a County Recorder, but resigned after one year. Considered to be a gentleman in every sense of the word. Died in Mentor at the age of 85. Had five children.
11th Auditor - William K. Williston (1845-1851)
Born December 4th, 1796 in Simsbury, Connecticut. Received a good common education. Went into the mercantile business, after moving south, and remained there till 1834. Then he moved to Claridon, Ohio. One child with his first wife. With his second wife, Miss Chapman, he raised a family of four sons and three daughters. Died in Chardon.
12th Auditor - Marsh Smith (1851-1857)
Born in Manchester, Vermont, August 18th, 1799. His father and mother were of English descent. Had eight children. Marsh moved with his parents to Georgetown, New York when he was still a young boy in 1817. In 1818 they moved to Parkman, Ohio, where they purchased and cleared up a farm and worked as a carpenter. In October 1823 he married Miss Eliza Cotton. For 20 years he was Justice of Peace, Commissioner after being Auditor. Then he was Assessor of Real Estate in 1860. Whig then merged into the Republican Party, which ever since Marsh belonged. One of the earliest anti-slavery workers, considered to be an uncompromising enemy of form of injustice and wrong. Was mainly known for his virtues and his long eventful life in its calm and peaceful evenings.
13th Auditor - Constantine C. Field (1857-1865)
Born February 18th, 1813 in Phelps, New York. Came to Geauga County in 1836, and then moved to East Claridon in 1839 and engaged in the mercantile business. Elected twice as the assessor for Claridon township. In 1850 elected justice of peace. In 1866 he was elected county treasurer. In 1870 he was elected of the state board of equalization for the district.
14th Auditor - Abram P. Tilden (1865-1873)
Oldest son of John M Tilden. Born in Warren, New York in 1816. Moved to Chicago in 1838 while being a carpenter and teaching school in the winter. Returned to Garrettsville in 1839 and attended the academy in Shalersville for two terms. In 1841 he engaged as clerk in the dry goods store of Williams and Tilden. In 1844 he entered a co-partnership with his uncle Josiah S. Tilden. November 5th, he married Miss Harriet B. Davis. He moved to Chardon in 1865. Also, a Justice of Peace at some time for Chardon. After he finished being Auditor he partly engaged in farming but also helped other officials with duties. Swapped from a Democrat to a Republican once the Republican Party was formed.
25th Auditor - Richard Makowski (1977-1994)
Has an award named after him called County Auditors Association of Ohio’s Richard J. Makowski award.
Died in office of a heart attack.
Office received five consecutive certificates of excellence for financial reporting. He was a past president of the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association.
26th Auditor - Tracy Jemison (1995-2008)
“Our organization has grown in membership and programs and has earned the respect of the business and educational community as a vital asset under Jemison’s guidance.” – Geauga County Maple Leaf.
Jemison’s record as an elected official includes five years’ service as a Geauga County Commissioner. He also served as a member of the Middlefield Village Council and the Berkshire Board of Education.
On the Middlefield Village Council at the age of 22 and served for eight years, then in 1988 he ran for the Berkshire Board of Education where he served for four years.
In 2013 Jemison was appointed President of Geauga Growth Partnership.
27th Auditor - Frank Gliha (2009-2018)
In 2010 Geauga County’s unemployment rate was 7.9%, third lowest in the state.
A strong promoter for Weights and Measures.
“I will continue to protect farm values, individual real estate values and concern myself with the needs of the elderly in Geauga County.” – Frank Gliha
He is a veteran of the Vietnam War and a lifetime member of VFW No. 6519.
28th Auditor - Chuck Walder (2018-Present)
Grew up in Amherst, OH. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering.
2019 Outstanding Achievement in Financial Reporting.
2019 Excellence in Financial Reporting
Lead a new GIS initiative to improve the Geographic Information Systems for Geauga County.
Adapted the Auditor’s Office for CDC guidelines and Ohio mandates during the unprecedented time of the pandemic.