In 1806, a small piece of land with a population of less than 3,000 people was carved out of the Connecticut Western Reserve and became known as the County of Geauga. Fast forward 200 years into the future and you will see that with 16 townships and 5 municipalities, Geauga County is currently the third fastest growing county within Northeast Ohio. With this in mind, the Geauga County Auditor would like to provide you with important statistical information regarding Geauga County.

Statistics Documents - 2008-2018 (Zipped)
Geauga Single Family Ratios of Value to Sale Price Statistics - 2007-2011*
Geauga County Current Tax Rate
Parcel Count by major Property Class for Years 2005 - 2008
Historical Sales for 2020, Single Family Sales
Historical Sales for 2019, Single Family Sales