Geauga County has approximately 52,000 separate parcels of real property. It is the duty of the County Auditor, through the Appraisal office, to insure that every parcel of land and any buildings thereon are fairly and uniformly appraised and assessed for tax purposes.

The State of Ohio mandates the County, ORC 5715.33 and 5715.34, to do a general reappraisal every six years and a triennial update during the third year after the general reappraisal. All properties in the County are visited during the reappraisal, also called a sexennial, valid market sales from the previous three years are examined, and land values are repriced if necessary. The triennial update is a trending of values based on the previous three years of sales and properties are not visited. The purpose of the triennial update is to provide a buffer for the sexennial reappraisal.

The Auditor’s Office provides detailed real estate information online through Geauga REALink, Geauga County’s property information system.

6 Year Reappraisal
Ohio Law requires for a county-wide reappraisal every six years, called the sexennial update. This revaluation creates equality among property and classes of property. The property is physically examined by appraisers, who research local market values and aspects that influence value. Some factors they look at are: physical characteristics like construction quality, age, structural conditions, and desirable features, recent sales of similar properties which provide the best evidence of market value, location, and market conditions of the neighborhood.
Property value may change for a variety of reasons, such as physical transformations like additions, and renovations or damages. Property value may also fluctuate based on external market forces like industries, housing shortages, or economic recession.
3 Year Value Update
A triennial update is required every three years and updates values. This study and analysis of sales is designed to update market values and to avoid large value changes over the six year period.
The triennial update process involves the county and State working together. The Ohio Department of Taxation recommends value adjustments based on the relationship of value to sales prices by taxing district, and then sends an estimate of increase for the county.
To perform the update, the county contracts with an independently certified appraisal firm. The properties are not physically examined during this process. The county submits changed values to the Ohio Department of Taxation, and the State accepts or rejects those values. Tax rates and bills are then generated based on new values.